SBG Freight System – Cross Border

Our community of providers and freight transport organizations in Canada and the United States gives a brief and cost-powerful transport carrier from Canada to the U.S. and from the U.S. to Canada. We paintings with pass border transport organizations that unfold throughout the us of a to offer the maximum complete transport carrier you may find. Whether you're transport shipment from Canada to America or shifting it to a vacation spot inner Canada, you may get the maximum aggressive charges and the pleasant carrier thru our platform. SGB works with loads of providers and pass border transport organizations in Toronto, Ontario, and the relaxation of Canada.

Clients seeking out freight transport organizations in Canada or U.S. choose our providers, as we provide a brief, safe, and dependable transport carrier. We have fashioned partnerships with main Canadian trucking organizations, pass-border freight providers, and depended on customs agents that permit us to provide discounted charges for transport from Canada and US with the very best degree of patron carrier.

Documents Required

We paintings with skilled pass border transport organizations in Canada that cope with the documentation method among the U.S. and Canada. The maximum usually required files for processing shipments encompass the following.

For shipments going into the U.S. from Canada

  • Bill of Lading: Required at choose-up and supplied to you with the aid of using our carriers
  • Commercial Invoice: Document created at choose-up
  • Import/Export License: This record is vital for regulated products/commodities
  • Certificate of Origin: Relates to unique products/commodities

For shipments going into Canada from the U.S.

  • Bill of Lading: Required at choose up and supplied with the aid of using our carriers
  • Canada Customs Invoice (CCI): This record is needed at pickup in case your shipment is valued at $1, six hundred CDN or more
  • Commercial invoice: Created on the time of pickup
  • Import/Export License: May be required for regulated products/commodities
  • NAFTA Certificate of Origin: Only wished for unique products/commodities
  • Shipper’s Export Declaration (SED): This record can be required primarily based totally on shipment.